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  • Canada
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  • English
  • 2014
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Today there seems to be a new Social Celebrity every time we go online. They have over 10,000 followers on Twitter and when they post a carefully posed shirtless shot on Instagram they have an army of followers giving it an enthusiastic thumbs-up. His handsome face and sculpted physique have helped pave the way to a charmed life – or at least that’s the only part he’ll ever reveal on his social network. But is this apparent need for constant online validation healthy or harmful? When we examine those we choose to ‘follow’ online, what does it reveal about us? Using a combination of archival video and photos from our studs in conjunction with new original interview and photo-shoot style footage we’ve created a layered look at this unique male mayhem.
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Short Logo documentary shining a light on the current phenomenon of a select group of gay men becoming Internet celebrities through, supposedly, their good looks and enviable lifestyle. Actors: Derek Baynham, Mark Bessenger, Laurie Betito, J.C. Calciano Writers: Directors: