New Kid in Town

(12 min)
  • Canada
  • Rating:PG-13
  • English
  • 2013
  • kidstown
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Brian moves to Bailey's Path with his Dad, Paul. Instantly Brian makes new friends in Brian Jr and Keith, and enemies in Jamie and Eric.
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  • New Kid in Town

    Year: 2013 Country: Canada Brian moves to Bailey's Path with his Dad, Paul. Instantly Brian makes new friends in Brian Jr and Keith, and enemies in Jamie and Eric.
  • A Night at the Movies

    Year: 2013 Country: Canada While the girls watch a romantic comedy, Brian Keith and Junior act out a heist film of their own as they try and bring and end to the snack scam run by Jamie, Eric and Kellem.
  • Align Yourself

    Year: 2013 Country: Canada Junior finds himself caught in the middle of Brian and Keith's first fight when Brian follows some bad advice from his "uncle" Matt.
  • Drive Thru

    Year: 2013 Country: Canada Keith blackmails his way into getting the fellas drive-thru when Jamie extract revenge on Brian, kid style.
  • Face to Face

    Year: 2013 Country: Canada Paul didn't expect his first meeting with the Mayor to be at his home, late at night or so threatening when Brian and Paul play host to Travis and Jamie.
  • Friend of Foe

    Year: 2013 Country: Canada Brian not only doesn't take to Jamie's offer of friendship, but he falls for his girlfriend, Vanessa, who maybe kinda falls for Brian too.
  • It's Not a Date

    Year: 2013 Country: Canada An innocent walk home between Brian and Vanessa sparks a town wide search for the missing "couple".
  • Speak and Be Heard

    Year: 2013 Country: Canada It's speech day, a day that brings out the best in the youth of Bailey's Path, so when Keith is accused of plagiarism it's an adventure hearing where his speech actually came from.
  • The Fake Article

    Year: 2013 Country: Canada The Daily Bailey has a negative front page story on Paul that leads to tensions between Brian and Keith and gives Jamie a chance to get back at Brian.
  • Your File

    Year: 2013 Country: Canada Jamie orchestrates a trade with Brian out on the pier, Brian's secret file on Vanessa for the evidence about the snack scam, but double-crossing a double-cross leaves everyone empty handed.
  • Reason to Stay

    Year: 2013 Country: Canada It's takes a lot more than an a couple bullies and a base drum to keep Brian from apologizing to Vanessa - and it takes a fake emergency to get Lynn some alone time with Paul.
  • Who's in Charge Here?

    Year: 2013 Country: Canada "WHO'S IN CHARGE HERE" Feuds come to a head when the tape recorder holding evidence about the snack scam also holds damaging evidence about the Mayor, and it's present at a super secret ...
12-year-old Brian Russell is the new kid in town, again. As he navigates another set of unwritten rules of the school yard, Brian finds himself tangled in the strings of small town politics when he clashes heads with the Mayor's son, the local press owners youngest, and the librarian's pretty daughter. Actors: David Knoll, Noah Ryan Scott, Richard Davis, Jacob Ewaniuk Writers: Tomas Street Directors: Mikelle Virey