A Man Escapes

(46 min)
  • Canada
  • Rating:NR
  • English
  • 2005
  • upstreamflix
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Organized crime and the Organized Crime Unit (OCU) work together to achieve the opposing goals of each respective world.
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  • A Man Escapes

    Year: 2007 Country: Canada On the DEA sting in Seattle, Jimmy knows he has no chance to escape so decides to give himself up. Against...
  • A Man Is Framed

    Year: 2007 Country: Canada While Mike is in custody, Jimmy manages to make it across the border back into Canada undetected. He temporarily holes up in his summer house, where Raoul has brought his niece, Lorna, as ...
  • A Man Underground

    Year: 2007 Country: Canada Jimmy, hiding out in the Chick-a-dee's basement, continues his sexual dalliance with Lorna, which started at his summer house. Both Ronnie and Bob are concerned about Jimmy's safety because...
  • A Man and a Woman Betrayed

    Year: 2007 Country: Canada One of Katarina's girls, Julianna Vejzna - a Romanian national - is being extorted by an Immigration official...
  • Love and Conspiracy

    Year: 2007 Country: Canada After a supplier sells to the competition, Jimmy engineers a complex plot to punish him. Meanwhile, a police informant learns of an incipient DEA attempt to kidnap Jimmy. At the request of the inspector general, Mary investigates a Chinese dissident involved in a homosexual affair with a married cabinet minister.
  • Something in the Air

    Year: 2007 Country: Canada The OCU has Dante's place under surveillance. Danny manages to obtain Dante's security code, which the OCU uses to break into his place to photocopy all his secret files. Desjardins learns ...
  • A Sweetheart Deal with the Devil

    Year: 2007 Country: Canada Jimmy is facing increasing pressure on all sides. He does end up selling many of his illegal businesses to Dante, placing all his eggs into the one basket called the Irish National Bank ...
  • Flipping the Script

    Year: 2007 Country: Canada The bounty hunters are still trying to nab Jimmy to take him to the US. They aren't actually bounty hunters as there is no longer any bounty on Jimmy's head. All Desjardins can find out is ...
  • A Woman Inside

    Year: 2007 Country: Canada Duncan, one of Dante's men, is executed in a drive-by shooting. All indications point to the killers...
Organized crime and the Organized Crime Unit (OCU) work together to achieve the opposing goals of each respective world. Actors: ian tracey, klea scott, john cassini, matt frewer Writers: chris haddock Directors: