Escape from Firebase Kate

(61 min)
  • USA
  • Rating:NR
  • English
  • 2015
  • documentarytv
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Vietnam, 1969. During the implementation of Nixon’s policy of Vietnamization to hand the war effort over to the South Vietnamese and end the US involvement in the Vietnam War, 26 US troops are caught in the transition. Unsupported by the South Vietnamese, the men are abandoned on a tiny outpost where they are surrounded by thousands of North Vietnamese troops. After surviving a brutal 3-day siege, they lead a daring middle of the night escape and evasion through the jungle, and directly past enemy troops. Escape From Firebase Kate is their story, told by the men who survived in their own words.
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Vietnam 1969. 21 year old US Army Special Forces Captain William Albracht is assigned his first command at Firebase Kate. When the base comes under heavy attack, he leads a late night escape through a jungle filled with enemy troops. Actors: J.V. Martin Writers: Paul Kakert Directors: Paul Kakert