Michael Turner

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  • Canada
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  • English
  • 2011
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Sometimes documentary, sometimes experimental, sometimes performative, cArtographies sheds light on a range of talent and incredible artistic work.
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  • Michael Turner

    Year: 2010 Country: Canada Michael Turner, a Vancouver based writer, poet, muscician. In this piece Michael discusses his relationship to his father and their combined relationship to the city of Vancouver – a city that seems to be populated with people from other places. The missing. Those who have left something behind. Accompanied by treated, old home movies from the Turner families past.
  • Tomorrow Collective/Chick Snipper

    Year: 2010 Country: Canada The Collective will rehearse a piece choreographed by Chick Snipper and composed by Jesse Zubot.
  • Paul Ternes

    Year: 2010 Country: Canada Paul Ternes playwright and performer formerly of Raddix Theatre. This film is an experimental take on a Grimm Brother’s fairy tale. Paul performs a piece that metaphorically deals with his recent departure from Raddix and influence of the grand spectacle on individuals within contemporary society. Culminates in Paul doing a traditional Bavarian folk dance on the steps of the Vancouver Art Gallery.
  • ManWoman

    Year: 2010 Country: Canada The late ManWoman was an artist, writer, musician and activist. We locate ManWoman within the gritty confines of Cranbrook, BC. He talks about his relationship to the town, his obsession with Swastikas and his work while we see him puttering about his crazy, eclectic house.
  • Kristi Malakoff

    Year: 2010 Country: Canada Kristi Malakoff is a visual artist, painter and scultor who resides in Nelson, BC. Using visual animation to exemplify Kristi's work, a moving vision of the butterflies and bees that she has carefully cut out to create a 3 dimentsional experience that is intricate and beautiful.
  • John Korsrud

    Year: 2010 Country: Canada John Korsrud is a composer, conductor and muscian residing in Vancouver. He is known for his work around teh world and at home with his Hard Rubber Orchetsra Band As John coordinates a collaborative show in Vancouver, he discusses his process, and the story culminates in a live performance.
  • Fumiko Kiyooka/Ray Kiyooka

    Year: 2010 Country: Canada Inspired by the experimental Austrian filmmaker named Peter Tscherkassky, diector Brian Johnson utilizes a technique of hand- contact printing of segments of Kiyooka’s film "clouds" which includes sections of her father, Roy Kiyooka, reading some of his poetry. The result is an experimental film unto itself that is haunting and memorable.
  • Judith Steedman Robin Mitchell Cranfield

    Year: 2010 Country: Canada A "behind the scenes" interview with with Jean Cloud, the latest character from the popular series of children’s books; “Windy” “Sunny” “Snowy” and now “Foggy”. This adorable puppet gives us insight into the work of graphic designers and book creators Judith and Robin.
  • Zoe Hodgson

    Year: 2010 Country: Canada Stills and moving shots display Zoe Hodgson’s work while this local emerging artist speaks about the influence of her surroundings in urban Vancouver in her work.
  • Veda Hille

    Year: 2010 Country: Canada Iconic singer/songwriter Veda Hille performs her song "The Book of Saints" in two different locations. Intercuting audio in both places achieves subtle differences in her performance.
  • Jonathon Young / Electirc Company Theatre

    Year: 2010 Country: Canada Jonathon Young, in his character from Palace Grand (an Electric Company play), unloads a semi-trailer filled with the set and props from the show – long sitting in storage on Vancouver Island. As he does this he performs a monologue that reflects on the ephemeral quality of theater and on Palace Grand in general – it’s impending demise in particular.
Sometimes documentary, sometimes experimental, sometimes performative, cArtographies sheds light on a range of talent and incredible artistic work. Actors: Writers: Brian Johnson Directors: Brian Johnson