Stan Douglas

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  • Canada
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  • 2011
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Sometimes documentary, sometimes experimental, sometimes performative, cArtographies sheds light on a range of talent and incredible artistic work.
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  • Stan Douglas

    Year: 2010 Country: Canada Stan's latest work explores the history of Vancouver through a new visual work called "Playback that takes place in Hogan's Alley, a place on the lower east side of the city now destroyed, but was once a thriving multicultural place, and the old Vancouver Hotel which thrived in the early 1920s but was incomprehnsibly destroyed. Actors bring to life scenes of people of that era within a wholly greenscreen fabricated set that will bring the sets to life through innovative animation and compositing. Stan discusses his process.
  • Dace Moore

    Year: 2010 Country: Canada We see a day in the life of Vancouver clothing designer Dace Moore .
  • Alex Cuba

    Year: 2010 Country: Canada BC musician Alex Cuba, who originally hails from Cuba and talks about his move to Canada but how both places still influence his work. He performs a new song he is recording.
  • Jesse Zubot

    Year: 2010 Country: Canada Musciain Jesse Zubot resides in Brittania, a place that is rugged and beautiful, yet challenging for it's the site of an abandoned mine. Pehraps this dichotomy influences his music. We hear one of his minimalist compositions as we see Jesse in the local environs.
  • Crystal Pite

    Year: 2010 Country: Canada Crystal Pite of Kid Pivot works through her process of a new choreography in studio as the camera is a fly on the wall. At times frustrated, at times lost in thought she processes so beautifully and eventually her movements click. Music by Owen Belton.
  • Battersby Howat

    Year: 2010 Country: Canada Modernist architect David Battersby and Heather Howat take a sustainable and original approach to their architecture. Speaking of a particular location on Gambier Island, they explain how the landscape influences their design and material choices for this residence.
  • Renee van Halm

    Year: 2010 Country: Canada Renee van Halm is an esteemed painter and former Dean of Artistic Studies at Emily Carr Univerity. The film is a meditation on the palate of Emily Carr as expressed through the work of Van Halm. This is revealed after viewing a number of otherwise abstract fields of coloured pixels.
  • Brendan Tang

    Year: 2010 Country: Canada Brendan Tang is an pottery artist hailing from a place in the BC interior near Kamloops. In a toungue-in-cheek story, we explore how Brendan has many influences on his work, perhaps even a Canadian goose has a say.
  • The Poolhall Gospel

    Year: 2010 Country: Canada The Poolhall Gospel, a roots/rock band records a song in studio in Burnaby.
  • Sol Maya and Mark Mickie

    Year: 2010 Country: Canada Against the setting of beautiful Tofino BC, two artists from different artistic disciplines come together on a pience of work; Mark Mickie, an aborigional wood carver, and Sol Maya, a Mayan glass blower collaborate beautifully on an emblem of the sun.
  • Germain Koh

    Year: 2010 Country: Canada Germaine Koh is an innavitive conceptual artist in Vancouver, ahiling origionally from Malasia. Germaine’s piece “fallow” in 2010 was a literal "field" of soil and grass inside of a gallery that she nurtured and watered to bring to life as an idyllic and peaceful setting. Images of her installation are intercut with dynamic images of a woman playing roller-derby. This woman is Germaine herself, and a helmet-cam takes us into the heat of play.
Sometimes documentary, sometimes experimental, sometimes performative, cArtographies sheds light on a range of talent and incredible artistic work. Actors: Writers: Brian Johnson Directors: Brian Johnson