Dirty Paws

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  • Dirty Paws

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  • Sandy and Chris

    Year: Country: after realizing her husband is an gay, the wife decided to...
  • Prora(2012)

    Year: Country: BL Movie | Prora(2012) | English Subtitles Boys' love movie LGBT movie ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­------------- Prora, Rügen Island, Baltic sea. A deserted Nazi holiday camp and communist military complex - one of Germany's largest and most bizarre structures. Jan, 17, a rather timid German teenager, spends his summer holidays with his friend Matthieu, 18, a French self-proclaimed macho womanizer. After a frustrating night in the local club, the two boys decide to hang out on the beach at sunrise. What starts as an innocent game soon develops into an ambiguous confrontation, when Matthieu takes his friend along into the abandoned building, and provokes him by making fun of Germany's past. After a chase through Prora's endless hallways, Jan provokes Matthieu in return by suddenly kissing him on the lips. The two friends unexpectedly embark on an erotic game that puts their friendship at risk. Overwhelmed by their feelings, they try to escape, but they get lost in Prora's labyrinthine series of rooms and walkways. Desperate, tortured, a fight breaks out that leaves Jan alone and wounded. A few days later, Jan and Matthieu meet again on the beach. Will they become friends again before they part? A journey of self-exploration, an odyssey of male adolescence, Prora is a thrilling, tender story about love and friendship. ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­------------- Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008479950685 Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjh_CxU6Uopnn_PyBnThfcQ
  • Lost Angel (2013) - gay short film

    Year: Country: SUBSCRIBE to Riot Scene! Movies- http://goo.gl/Riapcj FOLLOW Derek Villanueva - http://on.fb.me/1jRW37N WORLD PREMIERE: June 26, 2013 @ Frameline37 Written & Directed by Derek Villanueva - http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3702875/ Cinematography by Michael Hsueh Synopsis: When a young Dutch tourist gets stranded at the start of his US vacation, he finds help from an unlikely stranger. Starring: Timo Descamps as "Mikael" - (Judas Kiss, The Dark Place) Derek Villanueva as "Carlitos" - (Little Love, Longhorns, FabHigh) 10:10 - Johnny Ochoa as "Pimp" 14:10 - Joe Filippone as "Seedy Motel Guest" MUSIC (5:22) - Ursula 1000, "Got Cha" (14:01) - Loco Ninja, "Bum Bitch" http://www.TheLocoWorld.com
  • Uitgesproken

    Year: Country: What would you do if you discover your best friend is gay?
  • Out of the Closet

    Year: Country: Out of the Closet (gay short film - 2014)
  • Never Again (Thai short film)

    Year: Country:
  • Timeline - Thai Movie with Eng Sub

    Year: Country:
  • LOVE, 100°C 2011) [ENG SUB] Gay Short Film

    Year: Country:
  • Lose the Way [EngSub]

    Year: Country:
  • Quite Ordinary (Japanese gay-themed short movie)

    Year: Country: Tamotsu Nirasaki is a gay high-school teacher who can't get laid. One day, he finds out one of his pupils, Yu Shiotsu, is also gay. "Can I finally become happy?" Nirasaki asks himself, but it turns out Shiotsu is in love with the top student of the class. As Nirasaki gets depressed that he doesn't have a chance from the start, he makes Shiotsu confess his love to the other student, and tries to take advantage of his failure. ▼ Subscribe Our Channel http://www.youtube.com/user/LunchboxM ▼ Facebook http://goo.gl/xzGRGo ▼ Twitter https://twitter.com/studiolunchbox ▼ Official Website↓ http://www.lunchbox.jp/
  • No Soy Como Tú

    Year: Country: Jordi R. Bobet / Ventura Rodríguez
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