A Good Man - Episode 1

(4 min)
  • USA
  • Rating:PG
  • English
  • 2013
  • stevestrangio
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Steve accidentally meets Helena on a park bench. She's there to meet somebody else, but these two have a lot in common.
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  • A Good Man - Episode 1

    Year: 2015 Country: USA Steve accidentally meets Helena on a park bench. She's there to meet somebody else, but these two have a lot in common.
  • A Good Man - Episode 2

    Year: 2015 Country: USA While Steve introduces Josh to a new sport he invented called Zone Ball, they argue about the types of girls they date.
  • A Good Man - Episode 3

    Year: 2015 Country: USA Helena meets with her sister Meghan at Connolly Station Irish Pub and they talk about meeting Steve on the park bench. Tara and Josh go on a disastrous first date at a local bowling alley.
  • A Good Man - Episode 4

    Year: 2015 Country: USA Cheryl complains to Laurie about being perceived as a psycho stalker. Helena deals with her own stalker as Trevor confronts her in the parking lot.
  • A Good Man - Episode 5

    Year: 2015 Country: USA Tara meets Laurie to complain about Josh. Steve and Helena finally get a chance to network.
  • A Good Man - Episode 6

    Year: 2015 Country: USA Tara confronts Josh about a surprising topic. Steve runs into Tara at the train station and tries to figure out what's up between her and Josh.
  • A Good Man - Episode 7

    Year: 2015 Country: USA Steve takes some time out to talk to Josh about how he's treating Tara. Josh defends his actions while Steve searches for a gift for Helena.
  • A Good Man - Episode 8

    Year: 2015 Country: USA Helena, Tara, and Laurie complain about the men their lives while tipping a few beers at Connolly Station. Meanwhile, Steve is just trying to eat a burger but is interrupted by his stalker Cheryl.
  • A Good Man - Episode 9

    Year: 2015 Country: USA Josh invites Tara to the park so he can explain his actions. Steve and Helena deal with the aftermath of their disastrous "Bowling Alley Date."
  • A Good Man - Episode 10

    Year: 2015 Country: USA Helena's sister Meghan finally confronts Cheryl about her stalker antics. Steve decides that it's time he and Trevor had a talk.
  • A Good Man - Episode 11

    Year: 2015 Country: USA In the conclusion, Meghan needs to know why Trevor acted the way he did with Helena. Steve takes Helena back to the park bench where they first met.
  • Interview with Steve Strangio

    Year: Country: Series creator Steve Strangio sits down to answer all questions about his show A Good Man.
  • How Improvisation Worked in the Scenes

    Year: Country: Steve talks to several of the actors from A Good Man and discusses how improvisation was used to created the scenes of the show.
  • Interview with Josh Shaffer

    Year: Country: Steve sits down to talk with co-star Josh Shaffer on the set of the latest episode filming to talk about their characters in the show.
  • Interview with Cheryl Martin

    Year: Country: She may play Steve's psycho ex-girlfriend on the show, but there's a lot more to actress Cheryl Martin. Here's her interview about the show where she gives insight into her character and the process of improvisational acting.
  • "Why Do Women Want to Change Men?"

    Year: Country: Helena, Dan, and Sergei take a moment out from filming to have a (somewhat) philosophical debate about why a woman would want to change the man in her life. Hilarity ensues.
  • Steve Directs a Scene

    Year: Country: Steve directs Meghan and Trevor during a pivotal moment in their story arc. Dan is working the camera as we get to see an exclusive behind-the-scenes video of the process.
  • Steve & Tara talk about improvisation

    Year: Country: Steve talks to Tara about how improvisation works in the scenes filmed for A Good Man.
  • Sorry - short film

    Year: Country: A guy tries to tell his girl that he's sorry about what he's done, but she doesn't want to hear it. Starring Josh and Meghan from A Good Man. Directed by Dan Marquardt.
  • PsychoConsensual - short film

    Year: Country: USA A killer in the woods stalks a terrified babe ... but WHY does he do that? Written by Steve Strangio. Producer/Director Dan Marquardt. Starring Laurie Ziel and Josh Shaffer from A Good Man
  • Just a Kiss - short film

    Year: Country: Sam & Tracie shared a perfect kiss ten years ago and they meet again at a friend's bachelorette party, but where do they go from here? Written/Produced by Steve Strangio. Directed by Shana McHugh. Co-Produced by Peter Lufrano. Starring Josh Shaffer, Rosie Gioia, & Holly Hunt.
  • The Dress - short film

    Year: 2014 Country: USA A heartbroken man (James Mount) attempts to find closure with his lost love (Castille Landon) and best friend (Joe Sernio). Directed and edited by Richard O’Sullivan. Written by Steve Strangio. Produced by Sandra Rayne Garcia. Cinematography by Kahleem Poole-Tejada. Sound Design by Carlos “Storm” Martinez. “Flesh & Blood” performed by Terra Pasternak (who co-wrote the song with Director Richard O’Sullivan). Shot on location in New York City. Copyright © 2014 Lost Colony Entertainment • All Rights Reserved
  • Journey to the Strip Mall

    Year: Country: Sam has traveled all the way to his favorite strip mall to discover some answers about his life and to confront his ex-girlfriend ... but he discovers something he never knew existed. This is the first film by Steve Strangio, the creator of A Good Man.
Steve accidentally meets Helena on a park bench. She's there to meet somebody else, but these two have a lot in common. Music by Kevin MacLeod. Actors: Steve Strangio Writers: Steve Strangio Directors: Steve Strangio